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At FAROS, we provide unparalleled training and services in the realm of recreational yachting. Whether you're a novice sailor or an experienced seafarer, we offer a comprehensive range of courses and services to meet your needs and elevate your yachting experience.

  • Offshore Sailing Training

    ISSA Certifications

  • Sailing Trip Planning
  • Yacht Chartering
  • Yacht Delivery
  • Marine Safety and Security Consulting Services

Offshore Sailing Training (ISSA Certifications)

FAROS in cooperation with Vandome Yachting (Mr. Andreas Megalemos) offers the internationally recognized ISSA (International Sailing School Association) certifications.

Explore the coastal and open seas with confidence through our world-class offshore sailing training programs. Our experienced instructors will guide you through the intricacies of offshore sailing, helping you earn prestigious ISSA diplomas and master the art of seamanship.

Inshore Skipper

This practical course offers the essential skills for handling a yacht up to 20 Nautical Miles offshore.

Duration: 10 Days
Requires: Yacht Crew Certification

Master of Yacht Offshore

The highest-level sailing course for recreational yachtsmen.

Duration: 14 Days
Requires: Offshore Skipper, 3000 miles logged

Offshore Skipper

Practical and theory in yacht seamanship and navigation require good knowledge of the Inshore Syllabus

Duration: 10 Days
Requires: Inshore Skipper+ 800 miles logged or 2 years of Experience

VHF Radio

A one-day course aimed at students wishing to become Inshore Skippers, Offshore Skippers or Yachtmaster Offshore

Duration: 1 Day

Yacht Crew

A great starter course for beginners to sailing or power boating.

Duration: 4 days
Requires: VHF/SRC Course


Yiannos Gregoriou

Yiannos Gregoriou is a seasoned maritime professional with extensive experience in recreational offshore sailing and maritime safety. As an International Sailing Schools Association (ISSA) certified trainer, Yiannos has a proven track record of delivering high-quality training programs and courses in offshore sailing, safety, and security. With a strong commitment to excellence and a passion for imparting knowledge, Yiannos is dedicated to empowering individuals with the skills and confidence to navigate the open seas safely and responsibly.

Other recreational maritime services


Dreaming of a sailing adventure in the picturesque Greek islands? Let us turn your dreams into reality. Our experienced team can help you plan the perfect sailing trip, from choosing the ideal route to arranging accommodations and activities along the way.

Sailing Trip Planning


Embark on a luxurious sea adventure with our meticulously maintained yacht fleet, perfect for romantic getaways, family vacations, or corporate retreats. Enjoy personalized services and a professional crew for an unforgettable journey of discovery and adventure.

Yacht Chartering


Need to transport your yacht from Europe to Cyprus? Our experienced crew specializes in yacht delivery services, offering seamless, reliable transport. We ensure your vessel arrives safely and efficiently at its destination, providing peace of mind throughout the journey.

Yacht Delivery

Marine Safety and Security Consulting Services

Risk Assessment


Security Planning


Regulatory Compliance


Training and Education

We conduct thorough risk assessments to identify potential hazards and vulnerabilities in maritime operations, enabling our customers to proactively mitigate risks and enhance safety measures.

Our consultants assist clients in developing robust security plans and protocols to safeguard vessels, crew, and passengers against security threats so you can enjoy your holidays without any worries.

We help ensure that our customers remain compliant with relevant international regulations, legislations, and standards governing recreational marine safety and security, providing guidance on regulatory requirements and best practices.

We offer training programs and workshops designed to equip maritime personnel with the knowledge and skills needed to respond effectively to safety and security incidents at sea, including emergency response procedures and crisis management.